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Xbox 360 Game Database

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Battlefield 2 Modern Combat
Battlefield: Bad Company17-Jun-2008
Battlestations Midway30-Jan-2007
Bee Movie Game01-Nov-2007
Beyond Good and Evil 2
Bionic Commando31-Oct-2008
Bionicle Heroes15-Nov-2006
Bladestorm: The Hundred Year War06-Nov-2007
Blazing Angels 2 Secret Missions17-Sep-2007
Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII
Blitz: The League07-Nov-2006
Blue Dragon28-Aug-2007
Bomberman Act: Zero31-Aug-2006
Brothers In Arms Hell's Highway31-Oct-2008
Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway26-Aug-2008
Bullet Witch27-Feb-2007
Bully: Scholarship Edition04-Mar-2008
Burnout Paradise22-Jan-2008
Burnout Revenge07-Mar-2006
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