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College Hoops 2K6

Developed By: 2k Games

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College Hoops 2K6 brings you that time of year where basketball courts around the nation are filled with excitement. Slam dunks, unbelievable athletes, Cinderella stories, and championship dreams - all coming together in the NCAA Basketball Tournament. No other game captures the collegiate atmosphere and pageantry like College Hoops 2K6 -- the only college basketball game to capture the feel of a last-second buzzer-beating basket, the euphoria of winning to play another day, and the agony of losing and going home, out coach your competition with College Hoops 2K6.

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Portal required playing at Wabash College - Report
(via Gamespot) -- Students at an Indiana all-men school obligated to play Valve's puzzle shooter as part of mandatory freshmen seminar.
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Portal Required Reading at Wabash College
(via 1Up) - In what is perhaps a first, a videogame has become required reading for all students at a higher education facility. Michael Abbott, editor of The Brainy Gamer and a teacher at Wabash College has revealed that Portal is to be a core text of a new course called "Enduring Questions" that all students at the college are required to take.
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Portal becomes part of the syllabus at Wabash College
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy) - We're sympathetic to the scores of diligent scholars among you whose learnings recommenced this week -- however, here's a story that's going to make you very, very jealous. Wabash College theater professor Michael Abbott recently revealed on The Brainy Gamer that the institution's booklist has a surprisingly non-bookish addition for this academic year: Portal.
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2K Sports Compiles Most Powerful Hoops Soundtrack Ever for NBA 2K11
(via IGN) -- NBA 2K11 (X360)Soundtrack raises the bar with diverse lineup spanning Drake to The Alan Parsons Project alongside the national NBA 2K11 producer/MC contest winners.
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The Week in Games: The Old College Try Twig
(via Kotaku) -- It's back to school two months early with NCAA Football 11 on Tuesday. Dragon Quest IX is already out today, and DeathSpank slaps down on Tuesday for PSN and Wednesday for Xbox Live Arcade. More »
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Comic-Con 2010: Conspiracies, College and Cartoons Rule Saturday
(via Ugo) -- Network TV takes center stage on a Saturday filled with sneak-peeks and world premieres.
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College Humor reveals the 'super easy' modes of classic games
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy) - You might find College Humor's latest video game parody clip, posted just past the jump, a hilarious look at what might have been had classic games been laughably more accessible. We see it as a haunting vision of things to come. That easy mode included in Mega Man 10? That's how it all starts.
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Video: Joining the hoops in Blur's Checkpoint
(via Eurogamer) -- View this video on EGTV
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My Kids Probably Won't Go to College Because of Demigod
(via 1Up) - At the DICE summit this afternoon, Gas Power Games' Chris Taylor joked about just how risky it can be to be an independent developer -- and how his company is evolving to remain independent in an increasingly challenging market.
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The Slow Decline of College Basketball Games
(via Gamespot) -- Why can't a tremendously popular sport support a successful videogame franchise? We have a few theories.
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