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Release Date: 17-Nov-2006

Developed By: Stormfront Studios

Published By: Sierra Entertainment

ESRB: Teen

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Eragon is a video game that is based upon the book Eragon, by Christopher Paolini, and the upcoming Eragon film.

Fifteen-year-old orphan Eragon finds a dragon egg and takes it to his village, thinking that it is a gem that can be sold or bartered. His discovery attracts the attention of the cruel king Galbatorix, and the king's servants kill Eragon's uncle and burn down Eragon's home. Eragon goes on a quest for vengeance. He is a accompanied by his dragon, Saphira, and a storyteller named Brom. Brom teaches Eragon that Eragon is the beginning of a new generation of Dragon riders, protectors of peace whose organization was destroyed by Galbatorix.

The Game was previewed at Comic-Con 2006, where the public was allowed to play only one level named the Daret Bridge. All of the enemies were Urgals, and you had to overcome several obstacles using your magic and Saphira. Christopher Paolini was allowed to play other levels at Comic-Con, one of which being called the Spine Mountains, taking place in the Spine. The Official Strategy Guide is set to be published by Primagames and authored by Dan Birlew.
The game was also shown at the 2006 Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany. Actress Sienna Guillory, who plays the elf Arya in the film, made personal apperances at the Vivendi stand to promote the game.

The console games apart from the Xbox360 are going to be similar to each other, focusing on the same mechanics. The PC version will be similar to the current gen consoles. However, the Xbox360 edition will feature two exclusive levels: one will be on foot and the other will be on Saphira's back.
The handheld games will be varied. The Gameboy Advance game will center on role-playing mechanics, while the PSP game will center on multiplayer action and aerial dragon levels. The DS edition will use its touch screen in the battle system.

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