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GRAW 2 -- Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

Release Date: 09-Mar-2007

Developed By: Ubisoft

Published By: Ubisoft

ESRB: Mature

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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 is the recently-announced sequel to Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. It will expand on the game play of Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and will be the sixth installment in the popular Ghost Recon tactical shooter video game series, published by Ubisoft.

GRAW2 will have dynamic weather conditions, sandstorms to howling rain, with subtle details such as the mission area glistening with moisture and featuring standing pools of water after a rainstorm. Also, there will be blowing wind. GRAW 2 will feature object translucency which will allow players to see through surfaces like leaves and fabrics under the right conditions. "God Rays" will also be part of the game. This is a graphical technique that simulates the way light goes around an opaque surface. God Rays allow the player to see the limits of light, creating the hard edges rays of light often seen pouring through cathedral windows, for example. New smoke effects will be added, specifically one called the depth sprite. The technique makes smoke particles move over and around objects like an actual gas, eliminating the hard lines you see between clouds and surfaces that crop up in most games. The smoke reacts to light and wind. All this and improved particle effects will make up the bulk of the graphical improvements. It has been reportedly stated by Electronic Gaming Monthly that GRAW 2 will rectify the A.I. problems that the previous game had (namely the squad A.I., and VIP targets purposely endangering themselves)

Also the squad selection option at rally points is being drastically changed. Choosing your squad is more of a strategic option now. In GRAW players were inclined just to take the default squad that first showed up on the screen because it didn't make much difference, that is all changing now. In GRAW 2 it is important you take the people that can be of most help to you. Choosing the wrong squad could result in mission failure. For example, the player is only provided with a finite number of health packs, so adding a medic (infinite health packs) to one's squad may be useful. However, bringing along a medic would prevent one from having another support troop (i.e. a marksman or machine gunner). Thus, the player must actively adapt his/her squad to the current game situation.

The game story will take place just south of the US border, and it will deal with the growing turmoil in that region. The game takes place over a span of just 72 hours, and will feature a wide array of location types including forests, mountains, jungles, and towns. The combat will take place in both Mexico and the United States, although the game will begin the urban part of Mexico City. The game's climax will also feature a full fledged invasion of US soil for control over El Paso Texas, which the player must repel.

The game is also likely to feature several new weapon systems. Screenshots thus far have shown the P90 and the Beretta Cx4 Storm.

GRAW2 sees the Ghosts move away from the Multicam uniform of the pervious game, adopting the US Army's current ACU. This seems to be a move away from the Future Force Warrior program the game was based so heavily on.


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Layoffs Hit Ghost Recon Developer Red Storm Entertainment
(via 1Up) - Red Storm Entertainment is the latest studio to be hit by layoffs. The Ubisoft-owned studio announced today that they cut 38 employees as part of a "realignment of production priorities." The studio is best-known for the Ghost Recon series, though Ubisoft Paris is leading the development of the upcoming Future Soldier.
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Ubisoft trims Ghost Recon dev by 38
(via Gamespot) -- Publisher enacts "realignment of production priorities" at Tom Clancy-founded Red Storm Entertainment; devs offered jobs in other in-house studios.
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Tom Clancy's HAWX 2 Exclusive Hands-On - UAV Recon and Air-To-Ground Battles
(via Gamespot) -- We take an exclusive flight deeper into HAWX 2's single-player campaign and try out UAV scouting and a little air-to-ground combat.
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Come get slimed by Ghost Trick footage
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy) - We talked about it around the office and decided today's the day you have to get excited about Shu Takumi's Ghost Trick. It's all here in this Gamescom footage -- the amazing animation, the funky premise, the unique gameplay -- all you need to do is open your heart. Go ahead.
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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon coming to Wii and PSP this Nov.
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy) - While they are responsible for monitoring and apprehending malicious spirits that threaten the United States, the Ghost Recon soldiers are frequently tasked with shooting a bunch of bad guys in politically unstable circumstances. You'll be able to accompany them to Sri Lanka in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator for PSP, and to Norway and Moscow in Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: No Subtitle for Wii.
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Sniper Ghost Warrior Patch
(via Team Xbox) -- City Interactive has today announced that its patch for Sniper Ghost Warrior on Xbox 360 is now available.
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Shu Takumi shares wonderful Ghost Trick, Phoenix Wright sketches
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy) - Ghost Trick and Phoenix Wright cross over! ... in these sketches by Shu Takumi, creator of both series. Capcom shared a series of Ghost Trick-related drawings made by the producer, featuring Sissel as a shadow and a Christmas tree, as well as various slices of (after-) life from the other characters.
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior for XBLA now patched
(via QJ) -- Sniper: Ghost Warrior gets patched today, so said City Interactive. The patch should be available for immediate and automatic download upon connection to XBL, and should also provide several improvements.      
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gets All Patched Up
(via Xboxic) -- City Interactive has today announced that its patch for Sniper: Ghost Warrior on Xbox 360 is now available for immediate and automatic download when players connect to Xbox LIVE with the game. (comment on this article…)
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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier to have online tournaments through Virgin Gaming
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy) - The new Virgin Gaming initiative currently operates online tournaments for several EA and Sony games, as well as Halo 3. Ubisoft has announced that Ghost Recon: Future Soldier will be added to the lineup of games for which Virgin offers cash awards. If you like playing games for money, but don't like Ghost Recon, there's good news for you too: Ubisoft North America president Laurent Detoc said, "We have an exciting lineup of multiplayer titles this year that we believe will be a perfect fit for gamers to play and compete against each other in a tournament setting.
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Virgin Gaming signs Ghost Recon
(via CVG) - Future Soldier tournaments to be held on Virgin service. Tournament hub, Virgin Gaming has partnered with Ubisoft to offer online competitions for its multiplayer games, including Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.Related StoriesEA sued by 6,000 NFL playersBioshock 2 single-player DLC outKinect 'won't
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God of War: Ghost of Sparta coming Nov. 2 alongside PSP hardware bundle
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy) - Your next chance to brutally eviscerate mythological beasts without eliciting the concern of your peers will come on November 2, when Ready at Dawn's second handheld Kratosian adventure, God of War: Ghost of Sparta, hits U.S. store shelves. The PlayStation.Blog mentions the game's arrival as "just in time for the holidays" -- we assume they're talking about Thanksgiving, which, much like God of War's ashy protagonist, places a heavy emphasis on carving.
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Multiplayer Gameplay Video
(via Gamespot) -- Awesome multiplayer action for Sniper: Ghost Warrior.
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Screens
(via Gamespot) -- 1 new shots posted.
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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier short film teaser uncloaked
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy) - Ubisoft has released a short teaser for the upcoming live-action short film based on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier (not to be confused with the live-action trailer for the game that released earlier this year). Entitled Ghost Recon: Alpha, it appears the short will focus primarily on soldiers murdering people in precise, futuristic ways.
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Ghost Recon short film teaser
(via CVG) - A snippet of the live action Ghost Recon Alpha film. Ubisoft has released a teaser slice of the live action short film that's set to serve as a prequel to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier.Related StoriesNew Kane & Lynch 2 trailers drop inDungeon Siege 3 screens, trailer inRockstar sponsors Sick Kids
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New Ghost of Sparta footage teaches how to solve puzzles with murder
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy) - You know, we were just thinking about how tame ol' Kratos had become in the latter portions of the God of War trilogy. What happened to the days when he'd straight murder a Greek historical figure, unprovoked, just to solve a puzzle? Fear not -- those days will apparently return in Ghost of Sparta.
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Ghost Recon coordinating Future Soldier, Alpha attack
(via Gamespot) -- Comic-Con 2010: Ubisoft producer Adrian Lacey joined by director Francois Alaux, others to discuss crossfire between upcoming near-future game and film.
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Fable III Update - Combat and Scary Ghost Things
(via Gamespot) -- We wind up shipwrecked on a new continent against an army of creepy spirits.
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Watch this Ghost Trick footage, for dog's sake
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy) - Snippets of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective footage went up on various outlets, mostly focusing on a sequence in which Sissel has to save a young girl named Kamilla from the game's nearly-blind assassin. Sissel is assisted in this task by Missile, Kamilla's dog -- who, like Sissel, has recently been killed by the assassin.
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Ghost Recon: Predator stalking ESRB
(via Gamespot) -- Ratings board's online database lists third-person PSP installment in Ubisoft's near-future military shooter with T rating.
  Discuss (0) | Login to recommend | 9 years ago 

ESRB: Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator headed to PSP
(via Xbox 360 Fanboy) - While it pains us to report that our hopes for a Predator-infused Ghost Recon game have gone down the drain, it's not all bad: the ESRB has tossed up a classification for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Predator. It's apparently "an action game/third-person shooter" for the PSP, in which "players engage in combat missions as part of an elite military unit.
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AU Shippin' Out July 19-23: Sniper: Ghost Warrior
(via Gamespot) -- With Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty just a week away, there's only a trickle of games releasing down under.
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior PC Patch Released
(via Gamers Hell) -- Xbox 360 patch due to follow in the next two weeks
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior Review
(via Gamespot) -- Poor AI and insane difficulty gets between you and the sniping in Sniper: Ghost Warrior.
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Sniper: Ghost Warrior shipments upped following success
(via Joystiq) - City Interactive is increasing shipments of Sniper: Ghost Warrior following the game's unexpected success in the UK. The game premiered two weeks ago at fifth place on Chart-Track's Xbox 360 chart and tenth on the All Formats chart, dipping four spots last week. Not bad for the developer's first major title.
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Ghost Recon Future Soldier
(via CVG) -- Eyes-on at E3 - and it looks good. Personally, we reckon, in an E3 that - from a hardcore Xbox 360 perspective at least - was awash with slight disappointment, the belated but-explosive comeback by Ghost Recon came pretty close to stealing the show. Related StoriesCrackdown 2HAWX 2
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First 15 minutes of Sniper Ghost Warrior
(via QJ) -- Sniper Ghost Warrior is City Interactive's first-person military shooter for both the PC and the Xbox 360. In case you haven't picked it up (it was released in NA just a couple of weeks back), here's your
  Discuss (0) | Login to recommend | 9 years ago 

Hold your breath for Sniper: Ghost Warrior patch
(via Joystiq) - City Interactive has announced that a patch is headed to its recently released sneaky shooter, Sniper: Ghost Warrior. The patch is set to fix some GUI problems -- including multiplayer stats -- and will also fix some multiplayer bugs, like the ability to run outside the map.
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Video: Sniper Ghost Warrior - first 15 mins
(via Eurogamer) -- View this video on Eurogamer Videos
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