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Hellboy: Science of Evil Xbox 360
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Hellboy: Science of Evil

Developed By: Konami

Published By: Konami

ESRB: Rating Pending

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Fallout: New Vegas Cast Includes Hellboy, Chandler, Wayne Newton
(via 1Up) - We heard Liam Neeson lend his gravitas-filled voice to the father in Fallout 3, and Bethesda has now followed suit with even more celebrities voicing characters in Fallout: New Vegas. Ron Perlman makes a return as the narrator, of course.
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Hellboy director working with 'big' company on new games
(via CVG) - Multiple projects coming from Hollywood director Guillermo del Toro. Hollywood man Guillermo del Toro, writer and director of Spanish fantasy Pan's Labyrinth and 2004's Hellboy movie is working on multiple video games.Related StoriesMaking of: Red Dead's musicDragon Age: Origins 'Golems of Amgarrak'
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