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Import Tuner Challenge

Release Date: 26-Sep-2006

Developed By: Ubisoft

Published By: Ubisoft

ESRB: Rating Pending

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Import Tuner Challenge is an authentic and extremely customisable street-racing game that challenges racers to put themselves into Tokyoís underground to take on the fastest street-racing teams. Players can modify and race licensed import sports cars using real tuner parts and tuning techniques. More than five million combinations are possible in tailoring a carís interior, exterior and engine.

Authentic import street racing: Includes real Tokyo highways and regions, all the hottest licensed import sports cars and concept vehicles and the most prized import part manufacturers.

Over 5 million possible customisations: Select from a vast warehouse of specialised parts to customise a carís interior, exterior and engine.

Tune your car: Install custom parts with the click of a button and hit the streets wheels spinning. Players can fine-tune their parts to suit a specific race.

Toughest street-racing teams: Over 400 unique opponents with different strengths, weaknesses and custom cars, never play the same game twice.

Xbox Live: Take your most extreme mods straight to the streets and play online against other racers around the world.

Import Tuner Challenge is being developed by Genki of Japan and is will be available exclusively for the Xbox 360.


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