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Release Date: 10-Jul-2006

Developed By: Venom Games

Published By: 2k Games

ESRB: Mature

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In Prey you will enter into an unpredictable world where nothing can be taken for granted. You'll become Tommy, a Cherokee garage mechanic stuck on a reservation, going nowhere in life. When an otherworldly crisis awakens spiritual powers from his long-forgotten birthright, he & his girlfriend are abducted by aliens who need him to save the planet. Multiplayer game support that takes advantage of the unique gameplay styles in Prey Deep, emotional story of love and sacrifice based on the Hero's Journey story structure -- the same used to tell Luke Skywalker's story in the original Star Wars.

Enhanced engine: Built on an enhanced DOOM 3 engine, the most impressive 3-D engine used in a game.

Portal technology: This feature adds a new dimension to gameplay, allowing enemies to appear out of thin air, and creates new and completely original puzzles and gameplay styles.

Unique style: Features multiplayer game support that takes advantage of unique gameplay styles and elements, such as Spirit Walking, Wall Walking, and Deathwalk.

Spiritual help: Tommy has a sidekick, a spiritual hawk that can help him fight enemies and decipher the alien language of the living ship.

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