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X-men:The Official Game

Developed By: Activision

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X-Men 3: The Official Movie Game provides the back-story for the upcoming X-Men: The Last Stand feature film. For the first time ever, the game enables players to truly command the powers of popular characters from the X-Men movie universe. Players will assume the roles of Wolverine, Nightcrawler, and Iceman as they wield and upgrade their signature powers and maneuver through unique environments. Hack and slash with Wolverines brute strength to decimate foes; as Nightcrawler, players will scale walls, spin and BAMF through environments to stay one step ahead of enemies; and experience incredible speed on Icemans ice slide while shooting ice beams and creating hailstorms to freeze the opposition. You'll get to experience the X-Men universe in amazing HD -- an Xbox 360 exclusive. Features voice acting by stars of the film, like Patrick Stewart

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