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Interview: Rare on Kinect Sports

Interview: Rare on Kinect Sports

Nick Burton on how Rare got involved with Kinect and why you should give it a try.

Uninterested? Sceptical? Cynical? Outright angry? It's fair that Rare, the creator of Kinect launch game Kinect Sports, is yet to convince all core gamers, and indeed many old school Rare fans, to dump their Xbox 360 controllers in favour of... Well, themselves.

But perhaps it's just a big misunderstanding. Perhaps videos on the internet don't do Kinect justice. Perhaps marketing trailers packed with smiley happy families tell only half the story. Perhaps there's more to Kinect than we think. This is what Rare's Kinect development director Nick Burton is here at the Edinburgh Interactive Festival to argue.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Burton reveals the events that triggered Rare's development of Kinect Sports, explains why it's as competitive an experience as Halo, and urges the hardcore to give it a shot.



News Posted:10 years ago

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