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360plex #44 -- You Kids Want Some Candy?
360plex #44 -- You Kids Want Some Candy?
29 February 2008

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The week we catch-up on the news out of the Game Developers Conference (GDC).  We also talk about the latest games in the XBLA including N+ and Triggerheart Exelica and take calls from our community. 
What we are playing
Gunnz -- N+, Halo 3, RockBand
hoZt -- Burnout
Hero -- Call of Duty 4

Triggerheart Exelica 

Community Games for Xbox 360 and Zune

APB First Look

Portal wins Game of the Year at GDC

Portal 2 Confirmed
Prototype gameplay

Battlefield: Bad Company

The man behind The Dishwasher
Community Participants
Cloned Prince

360plex Score: 3095
Join Date: May 2007
Somewhere in the middle
Member #: 49
Total Posts: 278
Posted: 11 years ago
Hey guys, Sorry I couldn't make either the chat or the netcast. I got into Paris late last night and couldn't stay awake for the show (made it til 2:45am local time). I know you Brits deal with that for every live show, but travel lag sucks!

BTW, Thanks for letting me in to your country, mates. London was awesome! AND I didn't get any of my shit stolen. Thanks for that, too!


360plex Score: 5685
Join Date: Oct 2007
Stockton on Tees, England
Member #: 298
Total Posts: 557
Posted: 11 years ago
Paris is awesome too. Glad you enjoyed London. Its one of my favourite places.


360plex Score: 10935
Join Date: May 2007
Dallas, Texas
Member #: 4
Total Posts: 957
Posted: 11 years ago
You just had to rub that 'nothing got stolen' thing in, didn't you?

'I wanna get my knees dirty.' -- Gunnz, Netcast 37

360plex Score: 430
Join Date: Feb 2008
Member #: 493
Total Posts: 34
Posted: 11 years ago
Awesome podcast would like to hear more opinions on the whole censorship of little kids on xbox live.

360plex Score: 2360
Join Date: Nov 2007
Guildford UK
Member #: 358
Total Posts: 204
Posted: 11 years ago
 I think the debate about xbox live and its community could go on for ever. It is an interesting topic though, and always sparks off different opinions. 

For instance, I think that to play a game on live, you should have to be the rating on the box. ESRB ratings are on the disc too, so I think if you pop in COD4 and you have a child account you can't play it on live, because you're not old enough to even have the game. It may sound harsh but my original idea was to make live 16+ only. 

I wouldn't have said any of this when I was younger though ...

360plex Score: 4860
Join Date: May 2007
Milwaukee, WI
Member #: 9
Total Posts: 461
Posted: 11 years ago
We could solve some of our online woes if we follow Nintendo's example of an online setup. All we need to do is disable voice chat for everyone and implement an eleventy-nine digit friend code system. Problem solved.

One life, think twice.

360plex Score: 2290
Join Date: Feb 2008
Member #: 508
Total Posts: 223
Posted: 11 years ago
I have my communications set to "Friends only" I don't have to hear kids singing or perverts (except those on my list). I don't know why parents would let their kids play with random strangers. They wouldn't let them talk to random people on the phone or in chat rooms, why should games be any different. Parents need to be better parents.

Great Podcast by the way. I get you through the Zune MP. I wish there were more. Just found you guys a month ago.

Currently Playing: COD4 Map Pack, Rainbow 6 2 expansion pack, N+, a little golf when I can.

360plex Score: 1270
Join Date: Mar 2008
Member #: 514
Total Posts: 110
Posted: 11 years ago
I get my podcasts through the Zune marketplace, so dont bash it too much, i like it.

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