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360plex #45 -- Did you guys enjoy me?
360plex #45 -- Did you guys enjoy me?
15 March 2008

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The 360plex team is back with show #45.  This week we talk about newly released games: Army of Two, Bully: Scholarship Edition, Major League Baseball 2K8, and Condemned 2.  In the XBLA we  cover Rocket Man, Brain Challenge, and Bliss Island.  This week in the news we hit on Microsoft and Blu-ray, naked people on live, how now to pick up a woman on Live, price cuts in Europe, EA's hostile takeover attempt of Take Two, and more.
What we are playing
FirenFlames -- RockBand, Brain Challenge Gunnz -- COD 4, RockBand, and Skate
hoZt -- Bully, Turning Point, Fuel of War
Miles -- CoD4, The Club, Rock Band, Assassin's Creed, God of War (PSP)
Hero -- Call of Duty 4, Army of Two God of War (PsP)

Games Released
Army Of Two
Major League Baseball 2K8
Bully: Scholarship Edition 49
Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2008 49
Condemned 2: Bloodshot

Rocket Man
Brain Challenge
Bliss Island

Microsoft Confirms Going with Blu-ray?

No, I Donít Want to Have Sex with You

Video Response from Man that Allegedly Exposed Himself on Xbox Live

X360 hardware getting price cuts in Europe

EA's Take-Two offer turns hostile

Rockstar boss says GTA IV MMO is 'very, very doable'

360plex Score: 430
Join Date: Feb 2008
Member #: 493
Total Posts: 34
Posted: 11 years ago
Good show, didn't talk much about frontlines which I was happy about. That game is trash, anyways moving along. Awesome show, really interesting discussion about females being on xbl and getting pedo'd by all of the male users.

360plex Score: 285
Join Date: Jun 2007
Member #: 79
Total Posts: 12
Posted: 11 years ago
Great episode guys!


360plex Score: 1270
Join Date: Mar 2008
Member #: 514
Total Posts: 110
Posted: 11 years ago
Havent listened yet. Messed up and thought i had added it to my MP3 player, but didnt. I was p#@#ed">#@#ed!!!!!! will check it out tomorrow

360plex Score: 7425
Join Date: Dec 2007
Member #: 407
Total Posts: 638
Posted: 11 years ago
Yall should start a Question of the week segment submitted by the members. There were some other ideas i had but am too in tired to remember them.

Is it just me or is the show turning into 3 dudes and one hotchick- " how geeks interact with women?"
Jk it added some nice flavor. So where can we find these pics?

360plex Score: 800
Join Date: Oct 2007
Nova Scotia, Canada
Member #: 341
Total Posts: 58
Posted: 11 years ago
Poor Hero though... "Oh please Hozt edit this out!" I was laughing harder than I had for a long time. I did like the first analogy of XBLG better though xD

Thanks Hozt for not editing the funny stuff out!

"Think of 360plex, like a transformer"

360plex Score: 1355
Join Date: May 2007
Clare, Nova Scotia
Member #: 11
Total Posts: 133
Posted: 11 years ago

Seriously tho, Awesome show dudes.

08/12/2006 - After 10 long hour's of Viva Pintata, Gunnz, our main man hardcore low basstone Gunnz, got the longivity achievement.

360plex Score: 1270
Join Date: Mar 2008
Member #: 514
Total Posts: 110
Posted: 11 years ago
good show

360plex Score: 2725
Join Date: Jul 2007
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Member #: 125
Total Posts: 228
Posted: 11 years ago
I think the guys at Penny Arcade said it best about online gaming here. This also applies to Live and the rampant homophobia, racial slurs, and sexism.

Those guys are friggin' geniuses!!!

360plex Score: 865
Join Date: Nov 2007
Columbus, OH
Member #: 367
Total Posts: 59
Posted: 11 years ago
Great podcast. I was crackin' up as I was listening to it and cooking dinner.

Also in response to the women in online gaming, I can see why a lot of them don't like to use the mic online due to the creepsters out there. If you go to www.gamertagpics.com, in their intros a lot of the girls specifically say "I'm here to play, not to date online." But it's a cool site to go to if you've ever wondered what the people you play with look like.

Get yo popcorn ready!

360plex Score: 4330
Join Date: Jun 2007
North Carolina
Member #: 56
Total Posts: 358
Posted: 11 years ago
Finally, I have sound again! You guys are always enjoyable, when I get time to listen that is.

My husband is an Italian Hero... the person not the sandwich.

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